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This article is an overview of render state/mode related constants.

Render modes.

Constant Description
rs_fill Fill the entire shape.
rs_line Only draw the edges of each face.
rs_point Only draw each vertex as a single point.

Face modes.

Constant Description
rs_front front faces, defined by orientation
rs_back back faces, defined by orientation
rs_front_back front and back faces

Culling orientations.

Constant Description
rs_clockwise clockwise face culling
rs_counterclockwise counter-clockwise face culling

Quality consants, generally for use with *_hint functions.

Constant Description
rs_nicest nicest looking
rs_fastest fastest to render
rs_dontcare does not matter which

Used for fog mode.

Constant Description
rs_exp exponential fog
rs_exp2 exponential fog 2
rs_linear linear fog

These are various operator constants used for the depth buffer.

Constant Description
rs_never Always False
rs_less source Z < depth Z
rs_equal source Z = depth Z
rs_lequal source Z <= depth Z
rs_greater source Z > depth Z
rs_notequal source Z != depth Z
rs_gequal source Z >= depth Z
rs_always Always True
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