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*[[Natural GM]]

== Supported Formats ==
== Supported Formats ==

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This article is an overview of developing the LateralGM and wxENIGMA IDE's and the plugin that helps them communicate with the main engine and compiler. It is also imperative that one understand the IDE plugin interface before attempting development of any of the IDE projects.

Supported Formats

ENIGMA has backwards compatibility with all of the Game Maker file formats, as well as implements it's own YAML version. The format also makes use of an image animation format known as APNG which is only used so far in Firefox but is expected to become very popular.

  • EGM, ENIGMA Game (yaml based; also supports (de)compression)
  • EGP, ENIGMA Project (uncompressed, easy to modify externally)

Game Maker Formats

All the game maker formats support (de)compression.

  • GMK, traditional binary project format
  • GMX, XML based uncompressed format
  • GMZ, 7ZIP compression based format, just a ZIP of the GMX Format

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