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Peer Review process

In order for enigma to accept code and bug fixes we employ a peer review process based on Github. The idea is to allow anyone to contribute code to enigma by forking the git repository, making the required changes and submitting a pull request, which will either be accepted into the project and committed or rejected with a reason. Testing involves making sure it doesn't break around 900 game maker examples; examples which use the new functionality will also be used to test any new functions that have been added. The new code will only be added to the official repository when it passes both of these tests.

Steps required to contribute

  1. Install GIT ( )
  2. Click "fork this project" on this Github page (
  3. Open a new terminal window and type "git clone <link of github fork>"
  4. Commit your changes into your own fork regularly with "git commit -m “your message” "
  5. When finished click submit pull request on the Github page of your project

You are also highly encouraged to document your functions on the Wiki.

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