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This file a self-extracting 7z executable which we created for high convenience and portability. It's an all-inclusive zip and provides you with everything you need to run ENIGMA.

Once the file is extracted just click ENIGMA.exe inside the folder and it will run ENIGMA/LGM. If you want to create a desktop shortcut right-click on ENIGMA.exe and goto Send To->Desktop. The first time you run ENIGMA.exe it will automatically download the ENIGMA repo for you before running LGM so wait for the installation to finish.

That should be it!

Note: You need to run the self-extracting zip and the enigma.exe with administrative privileges before and after setup so the application can access AppData to output temporary build files, simply right click the file and select "Run as Administrator" on Windows Vista or later.

Source Code

For those looking for a something a little more hands on you can compile and install from source code as well.

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