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This article contains links to important components to any of the setup packages for various platforms as well as the latest builds of extra tools such as the Drag and Drop Action Library editor.



LateralGM is the IDE included with ENIGMA that is used to edit project files, it basically just provides an interface to ENIGMA. This jar file can be used without ENIGMA if you only need to edit project files on a different platform other than Windows.

The Plugin

The Plugin is what LateralGM uses to communicate with ENIGMA and tell it when to compile games and give it the games data and other resources and information.

Java Native Access

JNA is a library that Java applications such as LateralGM use in order to communicate with shared objects, or as they are known on Windows, dynamic link libraries. JNA is needed for LGM's plugin to be able to communicate with the compiler.

Library Maker

LibMaker is a free and open source drag and drop action library editor by IsmAvatar which can edit regular action libraries such as Game Makers and also for LGL's which is LateralGM's action library format.

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