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The method for installing ENIGMA on Arch and such distribution is similar to the method highlighted for installing to Debian and Ubuntu based ones.

As such the following code can be copied into a script and run in the Terminal. Remember to make it executable for it to run;

Arch Linux Easy Installation Script
echo "Installing dependencies..."
sudo pacman -Sy git make gcc zlib glew glm glu mesa alure box2d dumb zenity openal cmake pkgconfig patch fakeroot wget protobuf
echo "Downloading Enigma..."
git clone git://
cd enigma-dev
echo "Downloading easy startup script..."
wget -O
sed -i -e 's/\r$//'
echo "Correcting permissions..."
chmod +x
chmod +x
echo "Installing..."
cd CompilerSource
echo "Rebuilding compiler..."
make clean
echo "Done, to start Enigma just run ~/enigma-dev/"
   sudo pacman -Sy git make gcc zlib glew glm glu mesa alure box2d dumb zenity openal patch wget fakeroot cmake pkgconfig protobuf

If you want to install manually, run the above command and then

git clone git://
cd enigma-dev

and then to launch enigma (as of current), you will need java jdk. Currently java 11 runs very unstably so it is recommended to install a version such as java 8 To do this

pacman -S jdk8-openjdk

and then to launch

java -jar lateralgm.jar

If your project makes use of any Widgets, on all distributions of Linux, either Zenity or Kdialog, are currently required to be installed.

For more information on the available Widgets Systems for ENIGMA, please visit this link.

Below are listed the instructions to install Zenity and KDialog, specific to Arch Linux.

Installing Kdialog

To install Kdialog do as follows.

Go to the AUR website.

Download the file to your Downloads folder or any other you are comfortable with and execute it. Any additional dependencies will also be installed as it goes through its installation process.

Installing Zenity

Install zenity-gtk2.2.32.1-4 first through the AUR(Arch User Repository) from here.

Download the snapshot file. Extract its contents into a folder of your choosing. In a Terminal window, go to the folder you extracted the contents and type each separately

   sudo pacman -Sy intltool
   sudo pacman -Sy gtk-doc
   sudo pacman -Sy gnome-doc-utils

to install some missing dependencies first. Then type "makepkg PKGBUILD" to build the actual package. When everything is completed successfully, you can either type out the name of the package in Terminal and hit [ENTER] to install ......or.... open File-Manager, go to the folder you extracted and built the package and double-click on the ".pkg.tar.xz" file to install Zenity to your computer.

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