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IRC is short for Internet Relay Chat, and is a medium of instant communication in the form of chat. You connect to an IRC server, and then select one or more chat rooms, called channels, to join. In each of these channels you will usually find many people. Anybody in that channel may then post a message to the channel and it will instantly be shared with all the other members of the channel. As such, it's a much faster means of communication than, say, forums, and you are more likely to find someone with an answer than asking one person at a time. Additionally, IRC offers a way to have a private 1-on-1 conversation with an individual user on the server, which is usually used when two people wish to communicate more without filling up the channel with their chat.

Please also be aware that not everyone on the channel may have an answer or may even be presently watching the channel, so you may not get an answer right away. It may help to clarify your question, or re-ask your question periodically if it gets lost among other messages.

A lot of people sign on and ask, "Is anyone here?", then part a few minutes later. Channel members, especially developers, try to keep busy. As such, we do not always check the channel frequently enough to see such messages. If you have something to say to someone, address them so their client gets their attention.


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