Baloon Blast


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Game screen

This is a variation to the article on creating your very first game using Enigma. In this version, you must stop the balloons going upwards offscreen. Popping them with your mouse increases your score by ten 10 points. You lose a life for each balloon that flies past you offscreen.

To create this game, you will need some balloon sprites, a sprite to display the numbers 0 to 9, some objects and a room. Such resources can be created in a graphic editing program of your own choice, or downloaded from the Internet. A great place to get free assets is from Kenny website.

The graphic to the left shows the final result of the game. The amount of time to complete this game shouldn't take no longer than an hour. Please note that some knowledge in using Enigma's interface is essential as I will be using various terms throughout. Knowledge in GML is also required. There will be no Drag and Drop actions used, except the 'Create code' in the Control tab.

Gathering our Sprites There are 2 types of sprites used.

 a balloon animation sprite
 a font sprite representing our score and lives.

Our balloon sprite

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