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Hello, I am Goombert, I like to program games usually strategy games, or shooters, just as much as I love to play games. I am currently a lead developer of the project, I work on ENIGMA's engine a lot as well and have contributed a Box2D physics engine and quite a few other things, and I am also the lead Administrator for this Wiki. I am fluent in many programming languages, my preferred language is Delphi, however I am able to adapt to any project very easily and I am quite a tenacious and devoted contributor.


  1. surface_get_buffer get the backbuffer of a surface in a ds_grid, could speed up draw_get_pixel and surface_get_pixel
  2. terrain_ with geometric mipmapping api
  3. voxel alternative graphics system and hardware accelerated volumetric rendering API
  4. path branching api
  5. vertex/index buffer access api or something similar for animation and realtime deformations, eg. destructible terrain
  6. 2d/3d conversion api, based on Yourself's scripts

Things to do

  1. figure out whats causing that ai tutorial gmx to crash upon first load
  2. document Instance_and_Motion_Functions and mention ISO C99 for the collision functions
  3. finish directsound so it plays mp3 and midi
  4. reduce portable zip size
  5. implement automatic updates
  6. fix box2d docs with new wake parameter for forces

Recently Completed

  1. Fixed LGM revert behavior and integrated ENIGMA settings with Game Settings, cleaning up a load of old issues including making the save changes dialog actually conditional.
  2. Implemented partial search in resources feature.
  3. Moved all LGM keyboard shortcuts to a properties file that can be easily customized.
  4. Added external Look and feel support
  5. Fixed text alignment in Game Information
  6. Fixed the printing dialogs, the behavior was much easier than I had predicted and they work the same as GM8.1 for the Resource Info and Game Info frames.
  7. Removed child window for Win32, all platforms now scale the viewports to implement the GGS
  8. Implemented keyboard_check_direct and other XLIB improvements.
  9. Wrote the GUI Functions proposal.
  10. Added IAP functions to LGM's keyword list.
  11. Documented Particle Functions
  12. Documented Blend modes
  13. Helped fundies update GCC and get new working zip for cross compiler and 64bit
  14. Fixed an issue with EGM's and the plugin, due to improperly closed file streams the operating system was placing a lock on the file, which was also causing the global backup warning
  15. Fixed DirectSound WAV playback, made it properly read the wave header and subchunks
  16. Finished GMX writer you can now fully save a GMX except for extensions and all config files and stuff
  17. Documented all the Display and Window Functions
  18. Implemented object inheritance
  19. Outlined and implemented the Direct3D DeviceManager
  20. Helped finish Data Structure Functions documentation
  21. Came up with a really super super fast model batching system for all graphics systems
  22. Fixed a bunch of dumbfuck bugs caused by retards
  23. Fixed up ENIGMA.exe and prepared it for automatic updates
  24. Updated LateralGM keyword lists and fixed game info and game settings bug once and for all
  25. Fully implemented shader resources
  26. Documented all the stuff I implemented and a lot more stuff
  27. Wrote DirectSound audio system for compatibility with old games and Windows computers
  28. Added DirectInput extension for joypad_* functions on Windows platforms
  29. Added XInput extension for gamepad_* functions for Xbox 360 controllers
  30. Outlined Direct3D 9 rendering system
  31. Implemented Bullet Dynamics Physics
  32. Major refactoring of Box2D
  33. Much more improvements to LGM
  34. Implemented Networking Systems
  35. Fixed up OpenGL3 graphics, together we are now able to get it rendering 1,000,000 cubes at a solid frame rate.
  36. Fixed culling orientation bug in 3d cones
  37. Started room editor for NaturalGM
  38. Merged JoshEdit into LGM main repository
  39. Massive improvements to LateralGM
  40. Documented all Studio Box2D functions
  41. Complete reorganization of the Wiki including no more inline css and all functions/actions now have tables for parameters
  42. Complete redesign of the forums and general updates to the Wiki as well as a GPL emoticon pack.
  43. Other general cleanups using AWB
  44. Provided a bunch of new documentation
  45. Degfragged the heck out of the Wiki moving old stuff around and updating it so much to make it cleaner looking and modern
  46. Added the remaining functions that havent been implemented to the list
  47. Made the Wiki almost completely websafe for what I can tell 100% websafe
  48. Did allot of documenting on the Wiki
  49. Added a find and replace tool to wxENIGMA
  50. Fixed multiple Audio issues and did some more doxygen commenting
  51. Fixed OpenGL3
  52. Fixed Debug Mode
  53. Got a pack of 60 tutorials working
  54. Split the OpenAL headers and added doxygen commenting
  55. Reduced Graphics System by 1mb and 1/4th the size in the long run by using a "General" includes folder.
  56. Fixed OpenGL3 tiles
  57. Started the Doxygen commenting and commented much of the engine including Box2D and the OpenGL graphics systems.
  58. Setup a temporary website for NaturalGM
  59. Designed a new forum theme, and fixed lots of issues with other browsers
  60. Converted A LOT of the APNG loader
  61. Did some wiki organizing and cleaning
  62. Documented all 139 action functions, to the fullest, except the two that are obsolete
  63. Documented a bunch of action templates, will soon have them all documented
  64. Touched up some templates and things on the wiki
  65. Merged wxENIGMA into the NaturalGM project
  66. Organized and outlined the target graphics systems
  67. Rewrote models to use vertex buffers
  68. Implemented GLSL Shader support and provided complete documentation for the functions
  69. Cleaned up compiler output
  70. Updated the function documentation layout's and documented a bunch of functions
  71. Refactored walls/floors/cubes in the new graphics system to deprecate immediate mode
  72. Applied texture macro that reduces the number of texture binds by OGL, effectively almost doubling the speed of all games
  73. Patched Audio system to use pointers instead, effectively reducing memory consumption
  74. Split the graphics engine in two for advanced application of OGL3 rendering
  75. Rewrote the underlying texture system
  76. Threaded compilation with wxENIGMA and have most of the basic controls and structure layed out.
  77. Restarted development of the wxENIGMA IDE, and now have it linking the plugin
  78. Implemented Box2D Physics Engine
  79. Updated wiki look and did allot of documenting
  80. Implemented texture functions for anistropy and mipmap filtering
  81. Fixed some of the basic shapes they work a little better and have better lighting as well as negative floors can turn into ceilings now
  82. Wrote the new audio system
  83. Overhauled the whole Wiki layout
  84. Implemented missing math functions and extended the basic d3d functions
  85. Documented all the Implemented->D3D->Settings functions
  86. Updated the unimplemented function list
  87. Started the new C++ & wxWidgets IDE project
  88. Columnized all the function lists
  89. Documented Organizing Large Lists
  90. Categorized all 200 obsolete functions manually
  91. Uploaded a Notepad++ GML plugin
  92. Created some of the most needed categories.
  93. Added several templates that were needed to properly tag articles.
  94. Updated Wiki templates and pages censoring all profanity.
  95. Scaled the default empty room size, I believe I used a multiplicative of something like 1.5, 1.2
  96. Changed room editor default grid to 32x32 instead of 16x16
  97. Added the effects tab to the sprite editor (done but the buttons don't do anything)
  98. Returned working_directory control to the operating system's discretion in enigma's file handling functions.
  99. Took User:cheeseboy seriously.