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Josh Ventura is the founder and lead programmer of ENIGMA. People edit his page for shits and giggles. I have a very small weenie.

Known and Preferred Languages

  • C++: For anything large that needs to move
  • C: For small GNU applications
  • Bash: For quick, careless scripting
  • JavaScript: For quick calculations ( C++ via Geordi)
  • PHP: For web development (when absolutely necessary)

Known and Preferred APIs and Notations

  • Storage formats:
  • Windowing Toolkits:
    • GTK+
    • Win32API
  • Syntax candy:
    • RegExp


Finding a concept to fit the part is often a difficult task. I personally try to apply no concept universally, but one concept I do advocate fully is freedom: Although I'd prefer all ENIGMA games to be GPL, I am fine with the idea of an exception for first-party users. Aside from coding, I am interested in microbiology (I don't give a care about macrobiology; if you've seen one frog, you've seen them all, and if a three-year-old can describe it, I'm not interested in it). Philosophy has always interested me, as well, and I enjoy a good discussion on general languages (Even though you'll find that people who know a lot about any particular language are usually giant pricks).

Though I used to be very interested in mathematics, when I left my high school calculus class to be greeted by a lack of available math courses and then set of lousy math professors preaching an extremely lousy curriculum, I became quickly disillusioned. So math is just a tool with which I am adept.

Like a lot of people in this generation, some day I hope to research in the field of artificial intelligence. I find that the more nonsense I hear about other people's ideas, the better-equipped I feel for the job. People seem to lose sight of what defines intelligence when they pick up a compiler.


I'm apparently a maintainer for life of the compiler structure. Though Ism has impressed me on a few several occasions with her ability to replicate code snippets, I still have to hold hands when adding larger concepts to the event management process.

Presently on my to-do list are the following:

  1. Reconsider the var=var specification to only copy the first element (but to allow returning arrays)
    • Current considerations include only allowing array copy in the constructor (var a = array_function()) or by using =(array)
  2. Research a method of tracking changes to a variable
  3. Fix C parser function reading (the type(*name)() syntax isn't working, and the arguments are not stored)

//# Fix variable confusion with integer.existing_function, where existing_function is a function name now used as a variable.

Some things I have recently completed:

  1. Fix the Windows installer and the other compiler EY files to specify their compiler's target platform
  2. Implement a compiler storage method

Wish list

This is my list of stuff that I'd do if I were omnipotent, or had more free time and a decent-sized team to back me up (as in, do the trivial stuff for me while I work on bigger things).

  • Allow for an object to be declared static.