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After installation, it is a good idea to try compiling a sample game, as this will make sure the installation was done successfully. Note that the first time you compile a game it can take several minutes, however after this it will usually only take a few seconds, even when compiling another game. It's a good idea to start with a known working game instead of using one of your own; here is one:

Open the game in LateralGM (by using File > Open) then in the ENIGMA menu at the top click the Run button. In Windows you can also right-click the file and select open with -> then browse to the location of ENIGMA.exe and choose this.

After you run the compile will either be successful, in which case you will be greeted with a playable game, or it will fail and will show an error in its backlog. Starting from the bottom of the log and working your way up, you can probably find the problem (usually highlighted in red). Alternatively, if you don't understand it, copy and paste the full log into a pastebin website and ask for help on either the forums or the IRC.

Note if you want more games to try afterwards check out some user posted games on our EDC: http://enigma-dev.org/edc/games.php?action=list

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