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This article is an overview of developing related projects that can communicate with the main engine and compiler. It is also imperative that one understand the IDE plugin interface before attempting development of any of the IDE projects.

Name/Codename Language GUI Framework Status
RadialGM C++ Qt Framework Active
LateralGM Java Swing Inactive
wxENIGMA C++ wxWidgets Cancelled
SharpGM C# Windows Forms/GTK# Cancelled

Supported Formats

ENIGMA has backwards compatibility with all of the Game Maker file formats and implements its own YAML serialization format.

  • EGM, ENIGMA Game (yaml based; also supports (de)compression)

Game Maker Formats

All the game maker formats support (de)compression.

Name/Codename GM Version Format File Extensions
GMK GameMaker 8.1 and below Binary *.gm81 *.gmk *.gm6 *.gmd
GMX GameMaker: Studio 1.4 and below XML *.gmx *
GMZ GameMaker: Studio 1.4 and below 7ZIP GMX *.gmz
YYP GameMaker: Studio 2 JSON *.yyp *.yy

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