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This article is an overview of functions considered by GameMaker or ENIGMA but that does not mean they are not usable. Some more can be found on Category:Function:Obsolete.


Message Box

These functions are for texturing popup and dialog windows. There is an intention to add them back, noone has done so yet.


Game Maker has deprecated these in favor of the new audio functions, we still keep them however.

Sound effects are also technically deprecated, we currently only provide them in the DirectSound audio system since that is actually where the functions get their name and exact parameters from.


Studio had these music functions for a short time in a few versions, they were extremely unuseful and did the same as the sound equivalents, the only thing they did was reserve an audio channel for music, which was extremely dumb, we have made the decision to not support them, everything you would need them for is available by using the sound functions.


DirectPlay functions are considered deprecated as they were highly unusable and are likely to stay deprecated since a lot of the code is deprecated by Microsoft and the API no longer exists on Windows 8 and must be downloaded separately.

Dynamic Program Execution

Global and local variable access by string lookup is likely to remain deprecated as they were essentially storing a map where every variable was accompanied by a second string variable. They were horrible for performance.

The following functions are also deprecated because there is just no way to implement them since ENIGMA is compiled. They are only possible in an interpreter.


These are platform specific functions for Windows that Game Maker has deprecated because of them being not cross platform, however we intend to keep them.

CD Functions

CD functions are also deprecated by GameMaker because of not being cross-platform, however since they were so easy to implement we have kept them in an extension titled "Media Control Interface" named after the original part of the Windows API that implemented them.


Splash functions are also deprecated and likely to remain so. Not because we are lazy, but because they have been replaced by more powerful and easier interfaces, such as the Video Functions

Particle Effects

The following functions added physical properties to the particle system as well as collision detection. This is pretty unheard of in a particle effects system and these functions have been removed from Game Maker, we still currently have them in our particle effects extension, but they may be removed at a later time as well.

In App Purchases

These are deprecated IAP functions that YYG deprecated before we had the chance to implement them.

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