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Keeping an organized Wiki can be hard, this article gives a basic overview for procedures regarding various article maintenance tasks.

Creating a page

When you create a page, please at least be somewhat clever in naming it. More importantly, though, follow Wikipedia's capitalization conventions; namely, capitalize only the first letter of an article title except in the (here rare) case of proper nouns.

Lists should be put in columns, see Organizing large lists for help and examples.


In general, articles should follow a singular naming convention. For example, the page that explains what a Constant is shall be called Constant, even though it also contains a list of Constants.

There are exceptions to this rule, such as when it makes more sense to use plural, or for articles documenting a specific named item that is known in its plural form, such as events.res. In addition, a page that is only a list of items that match a familiar concept (that is, a concept that doesn't need much explaining), such as Game Assets, may be kept plural.

Function Documenting

Ideally every function you can use in ENIGMA will become documented on the wiki. Each function is documented on it's own page with the function's name as the title. For example the documentation for the function surface_exists can be found at IF you want to document an entire system or function set (like d3d, surfaces, particles etc) then this should ideally be done on a separate page explaining the system as a whole, preferably the main system page should be made into a category then all the individual functions in the system can be tagged belonging to that category.


You will notice if you go onto a function page that exists in Game Maker that the page has already been created, this was done so using a bot using this format: Function documentation format

Similarly for all the Action functions: Action documentation format

These are the standard formats which you should please keep to when documenting a function or action. All functions that have not yet been fully written will include the {{Function:Undocumented}} template. Whenever you have finished fully documenting a function then you need to remove the {{Function:Undocumented}} template from the text content.

Article Maintenance

If you are interested in cleaning articles up, or how to properly categorize an article for such tasks, please see article maintenance. There you can find general templates and categories to use on such pages.

User Groups and Discussions

When you have a large discussion with a lot of people, or would like to save part of a discussion and archive it for future reference, you'll need to use templates to keep everything in order. Plus it is just easier to use templates than having to rewrite the alignment and everything everytime. Our users also need a method of properly identifying who they are on the wiki, and this is why we have several templates in the article user groups and discussions for you to use.

Suggesting New Features

We need a template called Template:Suggest that works like this...

Make Requests

Someone make a template called Template:Request that works like this...

Language Translated Articles

Place the langauges template at the bottom of an article for it to display a list of all the translations that exist for that article. Please read our language policy for more details.


Languages Language: En.png [[::MediaWiki help|English]]

To indicate an article needs translation or that it has been translated use the 'translating' template.

Wiki Extensions

Lots of what makes our Wiki so stylish involves the cascading style sheets and java scripts which allow us to communicate to the sites PHP scripts. MediaWiki:Common.js and MediaWiki:Common.css control the common style of the Wiki. MediaWiki:Geshi.css controls the style of our code syntax highlighter.

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