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Welcome to the ENIGMA Wiki!
The most comprehensive source of information about the
Extensible Non-Interpreted Game Maker Augmentation.


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Pin.png 4/23/18 An official Discord Server has been added to the navigation bar so you can easily find it for technical support.

Pin.png 9/13/17 We've been cleaning up some of the Documentation lately to make it more consistent and less cumbersome to navigate. Specifically with an aim to have less wanted pages and empty articles. Some pages are also cleaned up by making better use of CSS in MediaWiki:Common.css

Pin.png 5/3/13 The main website and Wiki now offer https login for extra security and for those wishing to avoid packet sniffing. More information is available if you read the full announcement, which can be found here.

Pin.png 5/2/13 All action and function articles now have tables, they were generated by a bot if you find any anomalies please report them to Goombert on his talk page.

Pin.png 4/20/13 We have upgraded our Wiki theme once more, a lot of improvements have been added, and everything is now web safe in all browsers including Chrome and Opera.

Pin.png 2/18/13 Wiki administrators please be informed, we request that you back up anything on the Wiki, as we are going to be going through another round of upgrades, we thank you for your patience. Please read the upgrade notes for more information.

Pin.png 2/8/13 The Wiki will be taken down for an unknown period of time this weekend while we update the Wiki software we ask you to please bare with us as this will bring loads of needed changes to the Wiki.

Pin.png 2/6/13 Hope everyone likes the new layout!

Pin.png 2/5/13 Our Wiki pages now support multi-lingual translations, so if you speak any other languages your translation would be very appreciated!

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