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ENIGMA currently only supports 32bit compilation for the plugin and games. This means that despite LateralGM supporting 32bit and 64bit Java installations on its own, when using LateralGM with ENIGMA you must have a 32bit Java installed either alone or in parallel with your 64bit version. If you would like to keep your 64bit Java and also use the 32bit version for ENIGMA, it is as simple as installing the 32bit Java from Oracle. This same solution can be applied for installing parallel 32bit Java installations with versions we do not support, for instance if you have Java 6 32bit (which LateralGM no longer supports) you can follow these instructions to keep your Java 6 installation and run ENIGMA with a compatible Java installation.

After a 32bit Java is installed, if no other Java installation exists then you can simply run ENIGMA. If you decided to keep an alternative Java installation that is 64bit then you may need to explicitly state the 32bit version when launching ENIGMA. This can be easily done on Windows by changing the settings.ini value for the key IDECOMMAND to something like the following:

idecommand="C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_25\bin\java.exe -jar"

Remember that on 64bit Windows installations Program Files is for 64bit applications and 32bit applications are installed in Program Files (x86), so the above modification of the original value indicates the path to a specific Java installation to run with, in this case the 32bit JVM. On Linux or Mac you will need to explicitly state the path to the 32bit JVM when running the launch command or you could create a launcher script to avoid having to type it every time you run ENIGMA.

After you make the above changes you should be good to go and use ENIGMA with at least a compatible 32bit and an optional 64bit or incompatible Java installation.

If you have "Error: could not find java.dll" then check the troubleshooting page.

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