Macintosh Installation

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The Mac repo is currently not stable and unlikely to work. If you wish to try it though feel free to attempt to get it working and compile and install from source code.

Because there are not many contributors who use Mac OS X, this platform is difficult to develop for, although many aspects of it remain the same as on Linux. Dependencies are low for simply checking out, but higher for compiling games. The API Libraries are pretty much the standard open source ones that you see in Linux. ENIGMA itself takes the form of DYLIB (Dynamic Library) for calling as a library (e.g. from LateralGM) or command line usage.

However, you can try using the method outlined here for testing purposes. Please note that this method was done in a Virtual Machine and the outcome may be different to using your own Mac machine.


Enable apps from "Anywhere" in Security & Privacy settings.
  • In order to compile on OS X you will need to download XCode from the "app store" or apple's website.
  • Java 7. The enigma plugin is currently incompatible with java 6 and below. Instructions Here
  • You will also need to enable apps from "Anywhere" as in the screenshot to the right.

Note: If you get errors starting LateralGM, Java 7 may not add itself to $PATH in which case executing: ln -sF "/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/java" /usr/bin/java; will fix it.

API Libraries

XCode ships most of ENIGMA's dependencies.

SFML instructions Here

Source Code

  • Check-out the ENIGMA repo: Currently no Mac packages have been built. Instead, you can check out from the Repository.