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If you need help with installing or using ENIGMA or LateralGM that exceeds the capabilities of this wiki, several resources are available to you.

First, check our Troubleshooting to make sure your problem isn't already listed there.

  • Read our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if there may be an answer for your question.
  • Our IRC channel (#enigma on is always active and almost always has a developer present to help with your needs, if they're not too busy developing.
  • We host a Discord Server as well if you prefer that platform.
  • Our Forums are frequently checked, and you can be sure to get a fairly quick response. Our forums can get inactive at times, but they're still frequently checked.
  • If you are certain that your problem is a bug, report it.
  • If you have a suggestion, see Suggestions.
  • If you are most comfortable using email, we don't really have a shared email line, but our developers are always willing to answer emails directly, so just find the developer most closely related to your question. A list of developers can be found here: ENIGMA#The ENIGMA Team. Unfortunately, we don't have a central database of email addresses yet, so in the meantime, you can either email IsmAvatar or Josh @ Dreamland and they'll either answer your question directly or redirect you as needed.
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