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Game Maker (often abbreviated to GM) is a Windows and MacOS IDE originally developed by Mark Overmars in the Delphi programming language. It is currently developed and published by YoYo Games, a software company in which Overmars is little involved. It allows users to quickly create games with little to no programming knowledge, making it a viable tool for introducing people to programming.

ENIGMA was forged to keep the simplicity, flexibility and standard IDE format which Game Maker provides except correct some of its major downfalls in the process. Such as:

  • Cross-platform features are implemented quite brutally.
  • It has a limited, slow scripting language, which is interpreted, not compiled. (It will soon be LLVM, but still not as quick as compiled code).
  • It's not open source
  • It's much more sluggish and larger than necessary. Using ENIGMA can result in much smaller and faster games.
  • It's not free (gratis); the "Lite" (crippled) version is free, but the paid version is $49.99 USD at its cheapest including and extra $100 for each platform.
  • Registered users have been targeted as software pirates and have had months of work destroyed thanks to their horrible DRM integration.
  • It currently has removed all major debugging abilities, making it next to impossible to properly test games.
  • Studio forces an unnecessary physics engine on all games, even if they do not ever use them.
  • Lack of proper 3D interfacing, there is no animation support, multi-texturing, basic mip-mapping, no anisotropic filtering, and next to no trigonometric math functions or ray-casting.
  • Lack of good memory management interfacing, most GM games use excessive amounts of memory and usually have "leaks"

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