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This article serves as a high-level overview of the core concepts used in ENIGMA to make games.

Draganddrop.png Actions A unique drag and drop solution to creating games.
Lightning.png Events Fundamental to how your game's logic is processed. They are triggered periodically or when certain conditions have been met.
Tag.png Functions Similar to actions but are a more traditional programming concept and require that you write code.
Variable.png Variables Store information and data such as how many lives or health a player has.
Resource constant.png Constants Variables that do not change, such as the mathematical constant Pi.
Folder page.png Resources Primary means of organizing your game's content.
Bug.png Debugging Find out why a game is crashing or not performing as expected.
Executable.png Redistributing Share your games with other people and create a published version.
Event joystick.png Input Allows the player to interact with the game using various devices.
Movement.png Movement Motion and interactivity are essential to making a game feel active.
Event collision.png Collision Detection A natural consequence of moving objects is that we need to detect when they collide with each other.
Sport soccer.png Physics Some games require more than simple collision detection and need objects to behave as they do in the real world.
Resource sound.png Audio Sound effects and background music help to immerse the player in the game.
Web.png Multiplayer Connecting players together in the same game can often add replay value and create interesting dynamics.
Event draw.png Drawing Things One of the most essential parts of any game is drawing things on the screen.
Particleeffect.png Particle Effects Special effects that make the graphics look more realistic and like objects have physical qualities.
3D graphics.png 3D Graphics Can be used for special effects and to add extra depth to your game.
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