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This Wiki's goal is to document all aspects of ENIGMA. As a result, a developer of any skill level should be able to extract the information they need for any particular area of ENIGMA, whether that be function documentation, a tutorial of LateralGM or simply how ENIGMA compiles a game.


We do not condone plagiarism of copyright material. Copying and pasting things here from others sites will most likely get you maybe something short of a ban depending on the severity and your behaviour. Plagiarized material without proper licensing will be removed from the Wiki.

Nonfactual (Made up/Placeholder info)

The issue with most software documentation is that the people who know the most about the system know the least about conveying an understanding of it; they've already learned to the point where the most important details are second nature and seem unremarkable.

The great thing about a Wiki is that anyone can contribute tidbits of knowledge. We can use this to our benefit to solve the above issue, if we apply it correctly.

If you feel a piece of information is not well-documented, or isn't documented at all, feel free to create a page with your best guess. Make up stuff if you must. The idea is that someone who actually knows the system can decipher what you are trying to describe and fill in the blanks (or in some case, redo the entire thing to actually contain truth).

For the benefit of those who always show up at the wrong time, please tag complete BS with the {{Nonfactual}} tag.

To clarify: We do not condone founding a project on lies, but we feel that founding a Wiki article on fabrications is an "okay starting point."

If you are unsure of a single point (or a segment too small to use such a large warning banner), consider using the {{developer confirm}} tag instead.

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