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This article is a comparison of ENIGMA to other programming languages and development tools.

Why Use Enigma Instead Of Game Maker

ENIGMA aims to be as compatible with Game Maker as possible. You can load and save GM files in LateralGM, then compile them with ENIGMA. When ENIGMA's function set is finished it will have practically all of Game Maker's capabilities, plus the following:

Why Use Enigma Instead Of C++

ENIGMA offers some major benefits from just using C:

Understand, of course, that the processes ENIGMA takes to handle instances and resources may be slower than a custom engine in pure C++. Much care has been put into each system, however, and in the end, the differences will most likely prove insignificant. In any case, our goal is to have the simplicity the system offers justify any speed reduction. Options will exist for further optimization, such as variables that some may find a waste of space being removable.

Data types are dynamic if undeclared, but unlike in Game Maker, you will be able to declare something you do not plan to change as one byte. Or a short, double, string; whatever you like for optimal performance. This way, it will use less memory if you declare it yourself, but you will be able to switch between data types if you do not specifically declare it.

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