both instances of the same object should turn around on collision with each other... [u524]

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...but only one of them does.
See readme.txt for more info.

a little off topic:

(Goombert) if the spike collision crash and backwards path bug are both fixed;
this is the last thing I need fixed before I release my "key to success" game.

If I recall correctly, the way ENIGMA handles collisions is fundamentally broken; I believe it just iterates instances looking for a collision and invokes the event once if that instance is colliding with anything. If that's been fixed, then I think what you're asking us to do is precompute a list of collision events to fire, then call them in order regardless of what's changed. You're having each instance repel itself and therefore remove itself from a colliding state with the other entity, yes? So listing those collisions ahead of time is the only solution, unless we keep track of pairs of instances that are mutually interested in collisions and fire both events, one after the other.

We will probably want to do that, anyway, for maximum efficiency when computing collisions to fire.


It isn't completely broken, apart from this one tiny issue, all of the collisions in my game are handled correctly. I think you guys just don't realise enigma deserves much more credit than ya'll give it. It's a great piece of software and it's perfectly capable of making decent games. Worst case scenerio I already have my project set up with a temporary fix (though it isn't consistent with game maker).

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