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Every now and again a version of this Wiki will be compiled and available to download for offline reading for people who do not wish to use the Wiki every time they need to search for a simple function.

We have not gotten the Wiki to a point yet where we feel it can be compiled into an offline version, but we're getting there. However we do have a page export extension installed that you can use to export pages if you so choose which you can find here.


A basic overview of the core ENIGMA engine.

Application view tile.png Actions drag and drop icons to help introduce you to programming games
Lightning.png Events help you determine when to have your objects use actions and perform tasks or execute code
Tag.png Functions are very similar to actions however they are written through code and are much more powerful
Variable.png Variables handle information and data such as how many lives a player has or how much ammo
Constant.png Constants overview of the built-in constant variables
Folder page.png Resources are generally the files used in your game, such as images and sounds
Data type precede variable declaration and define the amount of memory consumed by variables


These are articles outlining everything in ENIGMA's game engine from core mechanics to advanced physics simulations and particle effects.

Game Mechanics Graphics Miscellaneous
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