ENIGMA is a free development environment geared towards game development.

* It's free and open source!
* Compiled for maximum speed, with lightning fast calculations!
* Easy to learn, and Game Maker compatible!
* It's a great way to get started with C++.
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tl;dr: we run CentOS 5; our software is so out-of-date, we are not affected by Heartbleed. Of course, you probably don't connect to us via SSL, anyway.

Heartbleed is an OpenSSL exploit that enables hackers to listen in on what should be secured connections. It's a terrible vulnerability that can lead to the leak of all sorts of sensitive information; in our case, passwords. Since most u...

Win $$$ in the 2014 ENIGMA Competition!

By TGMG | Posted January 18, 2014, 03:42:57 AM

I love the ENIGMA project, but with a full time job it's unfortunately hard to get time to spend any time with it. So the only resource I can contribute to the project atm is money (now that i'm no longer a student!). Not that I have much but here is what I propose:

Best ENIGMA game (deadline: May 29th) 1st Prize: $100, 2nd Prize: $50, 3rd Prize: $25
I will judge the games b...

Project Mario

I have recently managed to get the Project Mario game I made open source working in ENIGMA. Above are the screenshots of how good I managed to get it.

There are a few anomalies still, zwriteenable causes it not to work in OpenGL3, the start menu's do not render correctly, ...

ARM and Google Chrome

Just a heads up to everybody, if you had any troubles with LGM + ENIGMA on ARM CPU's like Google Chrome it was the result of us using an outdated JNA, the jar has been updated in the Windows ZIP, thanks cheeseboy for informing me. Everything should be good now, I have also fixed the issue with enigma.jar, the plugin, where it complains about creating back up files for EGM's this was the result of ...

Object Inheritance Implemented

Because of inheritance I was able to get the following Studio tutorial working, with a slight modification to two for statements because none of them know how to program.

That is right I have implemented full object inheritance and polymorphism to the compiler, even the...