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Java 8 Stable

That's right, Java 8 has finally entered the stable release channel at Java8u25

I have to encourage everyone to update as soon as you possibly can. The new version of Java integrates JavaFX into the standard Java library providing CSS support, 3D graphics, MP3 au...

Major Security Bug "ShellShock"

By IsmAvatar | Posted September 25, 2014, 11:33:12 AM

If you haven't heard the news, another security vulnerability probably worse than Heartbleed has been discovered in Bash.
With it, an attacker can craft a very simple http response and have your server run arbitrary code.

As soon as we heard the news, we immediately tested it and updated bash to the latest patched version, just to be sure.

We do not believe our server wa...

Licensing, the ultimatum

I'm going to attempt once more to contact a third party for help with this licensing fiasco. I'm going to give everyone an opportunity to weigh in on what I'm sending before I send it; this is our official request for help.

I have sent a very similar letter to this one in the past, but I fear it did not adequately convey our issue, based on the response I received. Here is the text that...


tl;dr: we run CentOS 5; our software is so out-of-date, we are not affected by Heartbleed. Of course, you probably don't connect to us via SSL, anyway.

Heartbleed is an OpenSSL exploit that enables hackers to listen in on what should be secured connections. It's a terrible vulnerability that can lead to the leak of all sorts of sensitive information; in our case, passwords. Since most u...